Fields of research

GRAI is currently made up of professionals in the areas of Electronics, Mechanical, Industrial Design, Computing and Exact Sciences, who from their expertise provide knowledge and perspectives for the development of robotics as a research area within the UTFSM.

The current lines of research are:

• Bio-Robotics and Rehabilitation
• SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)
• Path Planning and Trajectory Tracking Control
• Human-Machine Interfaces and Human-Robot Interaction
• Agricultural Robotics
• Mobile Robots Energy Management
• Data acquisition for CAD/CAE applications
• 3D modeling and interaction.

Current research projects and agreements

GRAI and its members, have the following research projects in progress:

• Navegação assistida de automóvel de passeio controlada por interface cérebro-computador. Proyecto de Cooperación Internacional entre la Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo (Brasil) y la UTFSM. (Proyecto del GRAI).
• Navigation, Mapping and Supervision of Precision Agricultural Groves using an Unmanned Service Unit. Proyecto financiado por DGIP-UTFSM por un monto de $6000 MCLP. Principal investigator: Dr. Fernando Auat Cheein. Project start: March 2013. End of project: December 2013.
Remote mobile robotics lab UNSW-UTFSM. Teaching research project, funded by the DGD-UTFSM. Researcher: Dr. Fernando Auat Cheein. Project Start: March 2013 End of Project: February 2015.
• Festo Didactic: ROBOTINO. Research agreement with Festo Didactic in which the GRAI is transferred using the mobile robot Robotino on loan for one year. Principal Investigator: Dr. Manuel Olivares. Agreement start: April 2013.