Our projects

Current I+D themes

Goals on five years

• We expect to form specialized human capital through the following activities:
1. Memories associated with GRAI: 10 (two per year)
2. Magister thesis associated with GRAI: 8.
3. Doctoral Students associated with GRAI: 2.
4. Research assistants associated with GRAI: 10 (two per year).
5. Workshops dictated to undergraduate students: 5 (one per year)
6. Courses taught in robotics topics: 6.

• We expect to generate knowledge in the following areas:
1. ISI Publications: 10 (two per year)
2. Publications in Proceedings: 8
3. Book chapters: 2
4. Tutorials and notes on robotics topics: 4

• In technology transfer we expect the following:
1. Training courses: 2
2. I+D Projects: 2
3. Prototypes development: 2

• We expect to extend and fortify collaboration networks with centers and institutions, both national and international, by signing agreements, participation of external examiners on degree courts, internships, visits and lectures by visiting professors.